• LDS Direct Filing Internet Service is easy and intuitive. The screens are designed for quick input with a minimum of keystrokes. A rich set of customizable entry options and defaults will make entry creation hassle free, error free and lightning fast!
  • LDS Direct Filing Internet Service introduces a new way to easily organize and manage the information you need for a smooth import process. Everything from trade contacts to tariff specification details are conveniently stored and readily accessible. As you start making entries you will soon realize that the LDS System is designed to save you time and effort as well as money.
  • LDS Direct Filing Internet Service requires only an Internet connection and a Windows workstation. Your employees can work from anywhere and at any time. Our servers handle everything from secure connections and encryption to behind the scenes program updates. Off site data backups are fully automated and require no user intervention. It is "Cloud" computing at it's best.

Why do you need to use Logistical Direct Filing?

Because it is :