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Why do you need to use Logistical Direct Filing?


Saving money is probably the main reason you want to file your own entries. Well you will! Even the occasional importer will save considerably using the easy LDS Direct Filing Internet Service. Your cost for the basic entry will be a fraction of what you are paying a broker. Even more, you will completely avoid the extra entry fees typically charged by brokers.

  • No extra charges for additional commercial invoices, UNLIMITED!
  • No extra charges for additional tariffs lines, UNLIMITED!
  • No extra charges for additional Containers, UNLIMITED!
  • No more additional cost to you when the entry requires FDA or other government agency information.

Because it is :

  • Economical
  • Easy
  • Efficient

    Learn how LDS Direct Filing Internet Service can help your import business succeed


    If you import frequently then your savings could be substantial and significantly enhance profit margins on the imported goods you sell.


    There are no installation or setup fees and no monthly minimums. You pay only for what you use.

    Full ISF 10+2 support!!

    File your own ISFs for $5.00 per entry with no additional costs.

    For large volume filers even lower rates apply.

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