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Importer Security Filings (10+2)

Safely and accurately file your own ISF with our built-in applications. Creating and submitting Importer Security Filings can help decrease operating costs.

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Custom Entries
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Custom Entries

The LDS import customs entry system was designed by customs brokers and experienced importers to provide the maximum ease of use while maintaining flexibility. There are numerous features to reduce keystrokes and speed data entry. Create profiles to efficiently process repetitive tasks. There is a comprehensive list of built in edits to prevent user error. When complicated situations arise Logistical has an experienced team standing by to assist you in all aspects of the clearance process. Whether you are a customs broker with years of experience or an importer making your first entry, we will be able to make the entire operation trouble-free.

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Logistical In-Bond module is a reliable and user-centric system for US Customs in-bond processing. This module prioritizes accuracy, efficiency, compliance, user-friendliness. Included are notifications, integration capabilities, security, and support to meet the user’s needs effectively.

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See faster refunds, more accurate filing and immediate status updates. Works independently or integrates with the Logistical Customs Entry module. Eliminate manual data entry with bulk upload of both and import and export data. Tracking of your available balances are automated and headaches reduced. Click “Learn More” for full details on how the Logistical Drawback module can benefit your business.

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More applications to take your importing to the next level


Upload scanned documents directly to US Customs. Automatically generate entry packages with one click.

Delivery Orders

Automatically Integrate shipment data to easily generate clear and accurate trucking instructions. Supports multiple location profiles and communication options. Helps to ensure smooth, efficient and timely pickups and deliveries.


The Logistical Data Solutions FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) module is a comprehensive tool for managing and ensuring the accuracy of import entries. It supports the implementation of easy to use forms driving compliant customs entries, and record keeping to optimize duty fee savings and deferral opportunities.


The “Shipment” module makes the cargo process simple and flexible. Organize commercial invoices, track container and conveyance information, manage purchase orders, and securely store all relevant documentation in SharePoint for convenient access and collaboration.Then easily attach Shipment objects to Customs Entries, ISF, Deliver Orders etc.


Logistical ABI software streamlines the customs entry process by intelligently analyzing commodities and automatically populating the necessary data for Participating Government Agencies (PGA). This automation ensures that required inputs are filled accurately and validated, enabling fast and efficient completion of even the most complex PGA entries. Users save time and ensure compliance by effortlessly organizing and inputting the essential information required by various government agencies involved in the customs clearance process.


Logistical Data Solutions offers a robust accounting module specifically designed for Customs brokers, encompassing both Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) functionalities. This module streamlines your financial operations by automatically generating invoices based on the services provided for each shipment, with the flexibility to calculate charges using default price levels or custom pricing tailored to each customer. The AP functionality enhances efficiency with automated voucher generation, providing a clear and comprehensive view of charges versus costs for each shipment. Moreover, the module supports integration with QuickBooks, ensuring seamless financial management. This comprehensive solution is designed to optimize your accounting processes, increase efficiency, and provide valuable insights into your financial operations, making it an invaluable tool for any Customs broker.

Logistical Data Solutions Inc. API

Experience the power and versatility of Logistical Data Solutions Inc.’s comprehensive API, designed to unlock the full potential of our robust system. With every function meticulously exposed, our API provides developers with unparalleled access to programmatically interact with our feature-rich software.

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